Mac and Windows gets new WhatsApp desktop app

Mac and Windows gets new WhatsApp desktop app
The Siliconreview
12 May, 2016

WhatsApp’s desktop app for Windows 8 and above and Apple’s Mac OS 10.9+ is now ready for download. Last week leaks had indicated that WhatsApp was working a native desktop client for the two platforms. Till now WhatsApp web was the only option for accessing the messaging service on your PC or MacBook’s internet browser.

WhatsApp is finally playing catch up with the rest of the competition with its new desktop apps. Players like Line, Telegram, etc have offered a native desktop client for quite some time now. WhatsApp’s new desktop apps require Windows 8 and above, or Mac OS 10.9 and above. So how can you download and use the WhatsApp desktop app?

First, you need to go the official website and download the app from here. Once the app has been set-up and installed, click on the icon to open it and you’ll see that familiar QR scan code you saw on WhatsApp web. Get your smartphone, open WhatsApp web in the settings and scan the QR code on the desktop. After that WhatsApp from your smartphone will automatically sync with the app on desktop, and you can start chatting right away. WhatsApp says that because the app runs natively on the desktop, it will have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more. Just note that the WhatsApp on desktop is still mirroring content from your smartphone, so you’ll need a constant data connection to continue chatting. If you’re on a limited data pack, better use the WiFi to access WhatsApp from the desktop. The advantage with the WhatsApp desktop app is that you don’t need to open a separate browser tab on your PC, and can instead use the app directly.