Even with poor network connectivity, Google Photos can upload images to cloud

Even with poor network connectivity, Google Photos can upload images to cloud
The Siliconreview
28 March, 2017

In a move to roll out an update for its Google Photos app, aimed at improving image backups on 2G connections, it seems that the tech giant ‘Google’ is focused on improving its apps and services in countries with sluggish internet connectivity.

The following update is available for both iOS and Android devices.

After the following update, the clicked photos will be backed up automatically in 'lightweight preview quality' as claimed by the company and also will still look 'great' on smartphones. Also, the Google Photos will restore the light preview version with high-quality copies, as soon as the device connects with Wi-Fi or gets better connectivity.

"Never mind if you're at the beach or hiking in the mountains, with Google Photos you can now share pictures quickly even with a spotty connection, by sending first in low resolution so friends and family can view them right away. They'll later update in higher resolution when connectivity permits," posted Mario Queiroz, vice president, product management in company blog post.

Well, in addition to this, the tech giant has also updated its Duo and Allo apps. Both the applications will allow users to communicate with other after the update even if of poor connectivity. The users can now stay associated with audio calling in Google Duo. The feature will first hit Brazil, followed by a global rollout.

"Duo audio calls work well on all connection speeds and won't eat up your data," marked Queiroz.

However, Google’s Allo, on the other hand is equipped with the ability to divide documents in dissimilar formats such as PDF, APK, DOC and MP3. Additionally, users in Brazil getting a new feature to share emojis easily.  

"For users in Brazil, we're also rolling out Smart Smiley in Portuguese, which uses machine learning to help you find the right emoji faster," added Queiroz.