iPhone 8 could be the next best thing in the world of security among all smartphones

iPhone 8 could be the next best thing in the world of security among all smartphones
The Siliconreview
06 March, 2017

While the iPhone is considered as one of the best smartphones until now for fast processor and security reasons, it has again embarked upon a new reason to stay ahead in the competition to procure 100% security to the iPhone customers.

The makers of iPhone are already making its way to pave tenacity over security by assimilating facial recognition feature in their upcoming series of the iPhone 8. One of the rumors going around is that the Apple company has already successfully acquired Realface, an Israeli facial recognition AI company. A potential hype about the scandal is based on the fact that, the Realface software is acclaimed to be highly reliable and as such, could be also used as the contemporary mobile authentication tool.

“Our technology provides our customers and end-users with the highest level of authentication and security available on all platforms,” says Realface. “We have proprietary IP in the field of frictionless face recognition and effective learnings from facial features.” Realface is the creator of pickeez app, that uses the Realface recognition software automatically to select the best photos of  the user in every platforms. What is eye-catching about the software is that it can actually bypass human beings in detecting faces; Realface with 99.67% can be more veracious than what humans detect with only 97.5% rate. A small preview of how Realface software helps in keeping malicious and hackings way could be viewed in the YouTube itself. 

With the modest acquisition of Realface, Apple shall be in possession of three Israeli facial recognition AI companies (like, PrimeSense and Linx). Though not much is known about the factual details about the breeze that is making its way in the tech-world, but it it seems that Apple might try to utilize facial recognition as a means to identify users and also secure the other sensitive procedures, like banking and making transactions. So much for the advancement of science and technology that it has gloriously blurred the problems of mankind.