China decides to become World's First 'Cashless' Airport

China decides to become World's First 'Cashless' Airport
The Siliconreview
26 April, 2017

China's Hangzhou International Airport is working hard on its plan to turn into the world's first “cashless” airport by pertaining cutting-edge digital technologies to its services and also by using artificial intelligence to build security checks faster, reported by Global Times recently.

If reports by media are to be believed, the airport in Hangzhou, Zhejiang region will assist with Internet firms, such as Alipay, to let travelers to make cashless payments for the services including accommodation, flights and car rentals.

Its also said that the airport will also work with various service suppliers to unite cloud compute and big data so that it will be able to present passengers door-to-door services including ticket bookings, transportation, smart parking, shopping and catering as well as hotel bookings.

Well, that not all it is said that the airport will also bring in artificial intelligence and image recognition technologies into the security checks.  This will for sure augment the security and effectiveness of the procedure and also will lessen passenger wait times, according to the report.

Obtaining views, a Hangzhou occupant told the Global Times that she welcomes the proposed trial with big data and cashless services. She goes on adding that with the spread of mobile payment, offering cashless services will be a good initiation, without challenge. According to her reducing wait times is likely to be the genuine test.

Having a high level of penetration in Hangzhou, Online payment is expected to produce good result as Hangzhou chiefly is home to tech giant Alibaba Group Holding, which pioneered China's most admired online payment tool, Alipay.