Microsoft plans to launch ‘Surface Cloud’ –an alternative to Chrome book

Microsoft plans to launch ‘Surface Cloud’ –an alternative to  Chrome book
The Siliconreview
19 April, 2017

Microsoft comes up with yet another challenging technology that can even be a threat to Google cloud. The popularity of Google cloud has been increasing for a while now. Microsoft’s current consumer focus is built around increasing the adoption of its cloud-based services. When it comes to Microsoft’s cloud service, it is tightly integrated with the Windows 10 version. And in this case, a new version of the windows has been spotted recently. So increasing the adoption of windows 10 can definitely increase the adoption of cloud services as well.

What exactly is Windows cloud? According to the reviews, it is said that Windows cloud is a stripped down version of windows 10 designed only to run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, they are those apps which can run on both in desktop as well as mobile services.

The advantage with Windows 10 is that it can run on low-end hardware with many sub $200 clamshells available. But Windows 10 still places a heavy demand on resources and storage that limit these laptops.  To make users stick on to Windows cloud will take time and effort, and has got challenges to overcome. A few of them includes Google’s chrome book, which is dominating among the users now.

Microsoft surface was powered by Windows RT. But it was limited by those apps specifically coded for Windows RT, which is basically a variant of Windows 8 and runs on ARM architecture.  In order to make it more users friendly they have already migrated back to Intel and now is planning for the windows cloud, which in fact can reduce the hardware requirements. The new cloud services would definitely gather the users around them, let’s hope.