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Painting the art of virtual reality with a future of creativity: A review on the ‘Reboot Reality exhibit’

Painting the art of virtual reality with a future of creativity:  A review on the ‘Reboot Reality exhibit’
The Silicon Review
29 May, 2017

‘The Tech’ , in San Jose California has teamed up with a bunch of tech giants, researchers and artists from around the globe to create an environment for the visitors to experience the art of virtual reality.  ‘The Tech’ is one of the first museums of the country to have permanent exhibit like this one.

Featuring with the new Reboot Reality exhibit and partnering with the major Silicon Valley companies, the Google, Facebook, Stanford, Adobe, and HP the company aim to bring together the best of virtual and augmented reality to the public.

“The place is dedicated for immersive technologies, with the greatest and the latest tech out there,”-Nadav Honchman

With a wider area of virtual reality, and specific tech related tools like ‘Wetbrush’ the exhibition is grabbing attention worldwide. 3-D designing is something which has been exponentially growing and this technology is better expressed in the Reboot Reality exhibit.  The technology calls for printing the painting on Wetbrush into a 3-D canvas.  The exhibition also brings forth a complete Virtual Reality experience for its visitors by using a virtual reality device that triggers an experience of gliding like a bird. Visitors can strap themselves onto a bird seat facing down, flap their wings and soar high.  With the addition of a fan which streams out cool air, the experience will be more real.

With this beautifully caricatured art of virtual reality and art, users can take a walk through the virtual space and plan for a better design and that’s what makes the Reboot Reality exhibit interesting. The perfect combination of art and technology!