New Instagram office project might take place in San Francisco

New Instagram office project might take place in San Francisco
The Siliconreview
12 June, 2017

Like any true entrepreneur, Facebook is also eyeing for expanding locations with an effective result considering a ‘test’ or ‘pilot’ experience by building an office space in San Francisco. it considering several different locations and each office shall host up to 100 Instagram employees in it.

It seems Facebook is in talks for a space at 181 Fremont in the South Of Market district, which is a 70 storey tower that shall be unbolted in the next year, and most probably this shall be the new hive for Facebook.

A shared Office space could actually be helpful for Instagram’s recruiting program as employees who lives in the city or nearby can easily reach the office given the current Menlo Park headquarter is situated a mile away from the main Facebook campus, and given the rising traffic situation getting worsened in the Bay Area. The transportation has always been the vital reason for which many employees at Facebook tend to leave the companies for companies situated in city itself. For young heads those living in San Francisco shall offer much more culturally rich experience than the hills and office parks of the South Bay. 

It is informed that only a few portion of Instagram’s say, 500 employees would be fitting in the new San Francisco space, and if Instagram gets luck in recruiting to the office in San Francisco, then probably Facebook might consider expanding this small step, as they say ‘pilot’ experience into more effect with more offices there.