Citrix solutions find technology that would help transform patient care

Citrix solutions find technology that would help transform patient care
The Siliconreview
15 July, 2017

Apart from its efforts to bring businesses drive transformational performance and greater employee engagement, Citrix solutions have extended its services to the faith-based nonprofit healthcare organization, SCL Health. The technologies that Citrix provides can assist the healthcare organization in transforming the patient care. It offers a digital workspace namely, Citrix workspace Suite which promotes a value based healthcare model. The advantage with the suite is that it allows the clinicians to move freely in the hospital. This eliminates the need for multiple logins and can help them to spend more time with the patients. Citrix offers the most complete and integrated workspace to enable people to securely access their apps, desktops and data from anywhere. And that’s how this technology enables services to be made available from the home, without the need to get back to hospital premises. This makes it comparatively easy for the clinicians. Thus the suite helps in efficient management of time as well. SCL Heath is one of three global finalists for the Citrix Innovation Award, was voted this year’s winner at Citrix Synergy 2017. The award stands as recognition for Citrix customers who use the technology in developing their organizations. In a way by helping SCL health to move to a value-based healthcare Citrix is bringing a huge transformation in the healthcare industry.