VMware gives wings to IoT dreams by collaborating with ADLINK technology

VMware gives wings to IoT dreams by collaborating with ADLINK technology
The Siliconreview
29 August, 2017

In its pursuit to bring better technologies and advancements, VMware has already formed a partnership with ADLINK technology. The new collaboration is expected to eliminate the common problems associated with enabling IoT techniques. This includes the crisis which arises during the vendor selection as well as the problems in integrating all these technologies. Providing a single, unique solution is the best way to reduce the cost and the time and can in turn help in the long run. VMware and ADLINK are testing and enabling their respective IoT solutions to work together to offer mutual customers a comprehensive, supported IoT offering featuring the requisite hardware, software and services to tackle their IoT initiatives.  This takes away the guesswork out of selecting the hardware and software components of a typical IoT architecture. Additionally, the companies expect to conduct joint go-to-market activities, which aids in improving the marketing activities as well.

Edge computing is the data processing power at the edge of a network instead of holding that processing power in a cloud or a central data warehouse and ADLINK is well known for its Edge Computing technologies. It can assist in providing hardware and advanced Edge-aware software capabilities necessary for the multi-vendor, can eliminate the complexity and can in fact speed up the deployment of enterprise IoT systems, providing increased customer service and productivity. The recently announced VMware Pulse IoT Center will deliver the monitoring, managing and security needs of IoT infrastructure from the edge to the cloud. All these solutions add up to the facilities assured in the collaboration.