Short-Form Video: the next big tide in Digital Marketing

Short-Form Video: the next big tide in Digital Marketing
The Siliconreview
06 September, 2017

This is the era of Millennials and the millennial generation does not want to spend more on a particular thing. This generation wants to wrap up things quickly. A millennial is never likely to commit to watch a video more a couple of minutes.

This Generation Y is very used to having things on demand. The younger audience in this era is more into recorded TV shows so they can just skip through the commercial advertisements. Nobody wants to spend more time on watching advertisements. So YouTube came up with the “Skip Ad” button. To take these long advertisement videos out, Short-Form video is coming into the play. A recent data from AOL shows that 52% of young audience aged 18-24 prefers short-form video content advertisement.

“Video content is the now, but short-form video content is the feature.” said Jess Ostroff, Managing Editor of Convince & Convert. “Nobody has the time these days. In the Attention economy, less is more.”

To remain on-trend, brands need to be very trendy and will have to adapt the new style of snackable video content. YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram are already on–trend with all their Short-Form Video contents and the view count is in billions.  

In early 2013, there was a trend going on, challenging people to make 6 seconds video to make people laugh, and it all started from there. That was “Vine”. Vine was later shuttered but the legacy of vine continues.

These new snackable video contents are now becoming the new marketing strategy for Digital Marketing giants. Short-form video is the new big thing in the Digital marketing industry.