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Google gets its new chrome on ...


Google gets its new chrome on iOS as an open source

Google gets its new chrome on iOS as an open source
The Silicon Review
02 Febuary, 2017

In past, the code for Chrome for iOS was separated from the rest of the Chromium projects due to the extra complexity required for the platform. With careful research, now all the code is rejoining Chromium and being moved into the open-source repository. Google’s Chromium project lets developers poke around, test, and modify Google’s open-source browser code. But till now, Chrome for iOS’s code wasn’t involved in the open-source repository. Now the company is making it public.

Due to the restrictions of the iOS platform, all browsers have to build on top of the WebKit rendering engine. For Chromium, this means supporting both WebKit as well as Blink, Chrome's rendering engine for other platforms. Thus it created some extra complexities which are to be avoided placing in the Chromium code base. This change and inclusion in the open-source browser project will speed up development, Google says, and will let more users test for bugs or vulnerabilities. Google might also see the release of new third-party iOS browsers.

Chrome's commitment to open-source code, company has spent a lot of time over the past several years making the changes required to upstream the code for Chrome for iOS into Chromium. But today, the up streaming is complete, and developers can compile the iOS version of Chromium like they can for other versions of Chromium. Development speed is also faster now that all of the tests for Chrome for iOS are available to the entire Chromium community and automatically run any time that code is checked in.

 Google values the open source community and all of their contributors, and are glad that Chrome for iOS can finally join in.