Google cloud is hosting Machine Learning competition for Startup!

Google cloud is hosting Machine Learning competition for Startup!
The Siliconreview
16 March, 2017

Startups get ready to experience Google’s machine learning competition, Google cloud headed forward to make an agreement to launch machine learning competition with Data science community Kaggle.

Many big companies has come forward to have partnership in this competition, the list goes on from having big companies like Sequoia, KPCB, GV, Data Collective, Emergence Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock. The most excited part is the winners of the competition will be awarded with money by big two firms, that’s Data collective and Emergence capital. In competition companies are not suppose to use Google service. The winner of the “Build the Google” will go home with the prize 1 million at hand. Whereas the runners will receive GCP credits with identical accompaniments.  And the participants not to get disappointed; they will be handed with $200,000 GCP credits and the same G Suite license deal.

The competition has certain rules; participants will be judged on the basis on their different style of presentation of their machine learning strategies. For example the ventures will be judged on the existence of their products in the market, ability of scale and their skill on presenting their products and finally above all the team members bonding and work flow will be judged and appreciated.

Startup must have raised 5 million of revenue and must be legalized with United States. This event will be showcased till April 16th and the winners will be announced in the month of June. Google is looking ahead to include companies from healthcare to energy and retail sectors.

“The acquisition will benefit its community with improved access to Google Cloud”. Says Kaggle CEO Anthony Goldbloom