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Hold your breath! IBM is going...


Hold your breath! IBM is going to launch 50 Qubit Quantum Computer

Hold your breath! IBM is going to launch 50 Qubit Quantum Computer
The Silicon Review
09 March, 2017

A Quantum Computer being made available universally is making news in the techno-craze world. And who is the taking the responsibility?

Too much ‘Aw!’ can be devoured, as we break the news: IBM Company has announced their plan on building first commercially oriented universal Quantum Computers.

Quantum computer are different from binary digital electronic computers based on transistors and could ostensibly replace the present generation computers for good. A universal Quantum Computer is quite fitting in solving problems that might be a gigantic task for the conventional computers.

IBM, itself a high profile techno-corporation, has named it as IBM Q”. We are not sure if it means anything to you, but “Q” used in Techno-colossal movies like- James Bond, where Q stands for Quartermaster and in Star Trek, it meant omnipotent. Is it just me or has IBM actually tried their hands in developing a mighty-powerful computers for the race.

“Classical computers are extraordinarily powerful and will continue to advance and underpin everything we do in business and society,” said senior vice-president of IBM Systems, Tom Rosamilia. “But there are many problems that will never be penetrated by a classical computer. To create knowledge from much greater depths of complexity, we need a quantum computer.”

The goal of the futuristic computer innovating company is to produce a system with around fifty Quantum bits, within the next few years. The 50 qubit computers will be 10 times larger than a five qubit system already housed by IBM. They are one step ahead in solving problems in areas like drug discovery and scientific discoveries and findings.

The company also said that it’s making a new API (Application Program Interface) available for the IBM Quantum experience. In a further effort to target its developers, IBM is producing a simulator on its portal that can model circuits with up to 20 qubits. IBM has also vouched to release a full SDK (Software Development Kit) on the IBM Quantum computers in this year itself for users to manufacture simple quantum applications and software programs.

Though Tom Rosamilia stated that “classical computers” will continue to evolve rather than being replaced by the newly furnished Quantum computers, only time can show us if the Quantum is the Next-Gen computer for all of us or it’s just a theory in white papers.