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Dropbox dropped Amazon Web Ser...


Dropbox dropped Amazon Web Services

Dropbox dropped Amazon Web Services
The Silicon Review
21 June, 2017

At first it seemed that the bonding between a startup company and a well-established cloud company would bloom, but now it seems Amazon got dumped by Dropbox.

Dropbox has announced its decision of terminating its relationship with Amazon Web Service last year which almost hinted that the company is bringing its work and operations in-house, which implies that it has been already working on expanding its core business in the market. In the recent time, Dropbox has announced that it has been working on a massive global network growth plan that it has designed to escalate syncing speed for users.

The masqueraded plan of Dropbox involves custom-built infrastructure similar to other web companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. It is also going to speed up the process of building hardware and other specific needs of the company.

It has already expanded its network across 14 cities in seven countries on almost three continents. “In doing so, we’ve added hundreds of gigabits of Internet connectivity with transit providers (regional and global ISPs), and hundreds of new peering partners (where we exchange traffic directly rather than through an ISP),” Dropbox’s network engineer, Raghav Bhargava said. “The edge proxy is a stack of servers that act as the first gateway for TLS & TCP handshake for users and is deployed in PoPs (points of presence) to improve the performance for a user accessing Dropbox from any part of the globe.”

Well, it seems Dropbox has finally made up its mind in building a custom solution to met its different requirements and needs to provide the best service to its customers.