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Google Drive’s all new ‘Ba...


Google Drive’s all new ‘Backup and Sync’ will allow users to easily backup entire PC to the Cloud

Google Drive’s all new ‘Backup and Sync’ will allow users to easily backup entire PC to the Cloud
The Silicon Review
15 June, 2017

A popular and a pretty handy tool ‘Google Drive’ that shares files and documents across platforms is all set for a revamp as the search giant Google is planning to revolve it into an smooth added powerful backup tool. The tech giant has recently announced that a new version of Google Drive for Windows and Mac - called Backup and Sync - will soon be introduced this month, which will let the users to back up their files and photos from their computers onto Google Drive.

wondering how this all new backup tool is dissimilar from the standard Google Drive desktop app, then the answer is with Backup and Sync, users can choose folders that they want to backup instead of having to place them inside the Drive folder. Notably, the users will even be able to backup their entire PC with the new tool, which will be made available as an app on June 28.

As per the tech giant the novel Backup and Sync app for Google Drive is intended at end users and will be obtainable for download and upgrade from the abovementioned date.

"We recommend that our G Suite customers continue to use Drive for Mac/PC until our new enterprise-focused solution, Drive File Stream (currently in EAP), is made generally available to all G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains later this year. Drive File Stream will allow users to access huge corporate data sets without taking up the equivalent space on their hard drives," the search giant said in a blog post.

As the search giant desires G Suite customers to wait for Drive File Stream, so it will not be automatically upgrading them openly to Backup and Sync. However, users from organizations that let installation of Drive for Mac/ PC on computers will be able to download and upgrade to Backup and Sync.

However, few more information connected to Backup and Sync has been shared just yet, and the search giant says it will disclose some extra information when the tool is released.