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Haptik sourced up AI assistant...


Haptik sourced up AI assistant technology that influences its chatbots

Haptik sourced up AI assistant technology that influences its chatbots
The Silicon Review
28 June, 2017

Artificial intelligence Deep learning Android development Machine learning Data analyst Full pile developer Haptik, an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant service, has  open sourced its own Named Entity Recognition system that controls the chatbots after Haptik Android and iOS apps at Chatbot Summit in Berlin.

The Named Entity Recognition (NER) is one of the extensively used technology part by any product that uses machine learning to recognize the textual datasets it is built on.

Is quite ordinary feature in many social media, news apps, ad-tech, search engines and analytics platforms, NER technology has been mostly uncharted in the chatbots domain. This is why Haptik has now given it a shot.

“Developer tools and open source technology play a key part in the evolution of any platform,” said Aakrit Vaish, CEO of Haptik. “The Haptik Chatbot NER is our way of contributing to the growth of chatbot development and advancing the overall paradigm shift,” Vaish said during his productUX keynote at the summit.

Through this a number of developers can use the chatbot NER in order to construct and augment the aptitude of chatbots besieged at domains like personal assistance, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare and fitness, and can consequently miss out the years of data mining.

It is also been ascertained that, there are some predefined units like restaurant names, cuisine, city list, time and date, which can be used out of the box in the Haptik chat bot NER after the installation. One can craft custom entities or edit the current ones by just summing the data using a convinced pattern. Haptik raised $11.2 million last year from Times Internet, part of Times Group, which publishes The Economic Times.