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Ready for Xbox one X gamers?...


Ready for Xbox one X gamers?

Ready for Xbox one X gamers?
The Silicon Review
12 June, 2017

Microsoft is ready with its new console and has brilliantly named it, which might cause some initial shift in your tongue: Xbox One X.

The console is connoted with a range of features for crazy gamers including backward compatibility and processing power that make it “the most powerful game console to date.” The console is set to arrive on November 7, and is priced at $499 for customers to avail the gaming experience.

The company has described it as “the smallest Xbox, ever,” and has very minimal designed to it. Though lesser catchy than Xbox Scorpio in look, but it is at least putting all the rumors of the Windows-centric Xbox 10 S rumors that were rising on a rest. The best part of the console is that is capable of true 4K gaming experience with HDR video quality and Premium Dolby Atmos, thus, restoring Microsoft’s long-standing desire to attain a living room’s entertainment source rather than just being a simple and naïve gaming box.

Well, though it is garnering all the hype, one should not forget that the “new console” might be blowing its own trumpet, after all the Xbox One has just kicked started its lifecycle given the Xbox 360 was ruling in the market for about eight years before Xbox one was evolved. As advertised, Xbox One will come with 12GB of memory, coupled with a healthy 326 GB/s of memory bandwidth; build with an extremely powerful system, and Microsoft has gone a ways toward eliminating barrier between the graphics and processor. All of those mentioned high-powered innards will be liquid-cooled with the vapor chamber on the server.

Now, the interesting part is that it is capable of “supersampling,” meaning one doesn’t need to be a 4K TV owner to play the Xbox One.