IBM supports Australian datacenters to share cloud data across multiple platforms

IBM supports Australian datacenters to share cloud data across multiple platforms
The Siliconreview
15 July, 2017

No doubt the technology is getting cloudy each day and new apps are being developed by the programmers.  There are immense possibilities to manage the available apps within the container services so that it can be moved safely across different platforms. And IBM is introducing a new cloud container service for the Australian datacenters to fit their specific needs in the cloud environment.  The services are available to the datacenters in Sydney and Melbourne right now. The service is available on IBM Cloud and uses the open source Kubernetes system, with Docker as the container engine. This enables the organizations to better utilize the technology and ensures that the data remains onshore. IBM cloud makes use of the Kubernetes clusters, an open source or automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications to ensure flexible isolation as well as capacity controls. It also allows the customers to design the clusters according to their requirement. Additional capabilities include built-in security scanning and integration into IBM's X-Force Exchange; live-scanning and risk analysis capabilities for each container; automatic load balancing; and easy access to Watson APIs, blockchain, cloud data services, and IoT tools.  Before introducing this local system the organizations had to depend completely on the IBM's global datacenter network. But with the new system the organizations are able to utilize the services for production workloads which increase their overall performance.