Paypal says India is the largest freelancer market

Paypal says India is the largest freelancer market
The Siliconreview
11 January, 2018

A report by digital payment company, Paypal says, India is the largest freelancer market with more than 10 million people freelancing to earn. The report is based on the survey conducted on 500 freelancers and it also reveals the fact that most of the freelancers are under the age of 40 and most of them being men. The survey which is titled ‘Insights into the freelancer's ecosystem’ said that Indian freelancers are more involved with projects on the web and mobile development, web designing, data entry, and internet research. 

According to the report, freelancers in India earn, on an average 19 lakhs per annum. Out of the lot, 23 percent earn up to 60 lakhs per annum, 13 percent earn 10 to 15 lakhs per annum, 8 percent earn 7.5 to 10 lakhs, 23 percent up to 5 lakhs. And many of them started freelancing after learning about it from their friends, social media, and other platforms. According to Narsi Subramanian from PayPal India,”..of the reasons that drove them to adopt freelancing, earning more income, flexibility in schedules and ability to choose who to work for, topped the list”.

Nearly 61 percent of the freelancers who were surveyed were not paid at least once in their career. And many of them were paid 2 to 4 weeks after invoicing. On a brighter note, 41 percent of the surveyed freelancers have seen considerable growth in 12 months and 80 percent of them, now have international along with domestic clients.