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This fall, Killer7 Remaster Is...


This fall, Killer7 Remaster Is Coming to PC

This fall, Killer7 Remaster Is Coming to PC
The Silicon Review
29 May, 2018

Written and directed by Goichi Suda, Killer7 is one of the weirdest games ever to see release on a Nintendo platform. And recently, it is revealed that the game is getting remastered for PC this year. The remaster was announced during the 20th-anniversary stream, MomoCon, hosted by Grasshopper Manufacture.

Initially published by Capcom, the game was a part of a coordinated effort to support Nintendo's GameCube console. But the short trailer of Killer7 that provides a quick introduction of various characters reveals that the remaster game will be published by NIS America this year.

Switching to the first-person mode to shoot enemies and collect their blood to level up, the game has got a unique control plan that takes the character through the environment on predetermined paths. This is the very first time that Killer7 is going to be re-released and there is absolutely no word on whether the game will be coming to any console platforms, but it is definitely going to be a good fit for a certain other Nintendo system.

"You'll either love Killer7 or hate it. The way in which this game might stick to you could easily outweigh whatever replay value these extras provide," Greg Kasavin, a writer and designer for Supergiant Games said in GameSpot’s Killer7 review. “For a game that's filled with lots of mindless shooting, Killer7 makes you think and wonder why most of the games don't even bother to try. And maybe that's the whole point."