"You don't have to start from scratch to do something interesting,” says Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder & CEO of Twitter

The Siliconreview
31 May, 2018

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 19, 1976, the Twitter Co-Founder & CEO, Jack Dorsey was always interested in computers ever since he was a kid. Jack is a self-taught coder who started coding when he was in High School. He saw the technological challenges in the coordination of taxis, delivery vans, and vehicles and felt the need for real-time communication, so Jack developed a dispatched software when he was 15-year-old.

“Ever since I was a kid, my goal has always been about simplifying complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction,” says Jack Dorsey.

Joining the traditional list of drop-out entrepreneurs, Jack also dropped out of NYU and moved to Oakland, California, where he started a company that offered his dispatch software on the Web. Soon, after the inception of the company, he came up with an idea to build a website to combine the broad reach of dispatch software with the ease of instant messaging. And in 2006, Jack co-founded Twitter. Starting a revolution with his first tweet, Jack knows how to harness the power of words and connect people.

“Everyone has an idea. But it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea,” Jack added. “The strongest thing you can cultivate as an entrepreneur is to not rely on luck but cultivating an ability to recognize fortunate situations when they are occurring.” 

“Twitter has this unique ability to bring you closer to whatever you care about the most,” The Tattooed Twitter CEO said.

In 2010, Twitter witnessed a tremendous growth and popularity; it had more than 105 million users tweeting 55 million times a day across the globe. The social media platform was revolutionizing the way people communicate, but Jack wasn’t done yet; he had big plans for other projects as he became an investor in the social networking company Foursquare and launched a new venture called Square.

"In terms of technology, we're going to see a better and more immediate experience around the everyday things we do in life," Dorsey said.

Currently, Jack Dorsey is CEO of two marvelously successful ventures, Square and Twitter, and is perfectly running both of them splitting his time equally. With a net worth of $4.3 billion (According to Forbes), Jack is continuously innovating and revolutionizing the way world shares and communicates within the virtual sphere.

“The greatest lesson that I learned in all of this is that you have to start. Start now, start here, start small and keep it simple.” Jack added. “You can worry about the competition or you can focus on what’s ahead of you and drive fast.”