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Israeli Technology is Ruling t...


Israeli Technology is Ruling this year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia

Israeli Technology is Ruling this year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia
The Silicon Review
15 June, 2018

Technology plays a vital role in enhancing most of the world’s big sports event. Israel may not have qualified for this year’s FIFA World cup in Russia, but surprisingly, more than 100 Israeli sports tech firms are involved in shaping up the event. The event cannot be only dubbed as celebratory sports event but it is also a high tech event for technology fans in many cases.

Israel’s sports tech industry is booming with innovations like virtual coaches to fan behavior prediction and in the past few years, most of the Tech startups have cemented themselves in global sports technology.

Let’s have a look at some of the tech companies that are involved in this year’s FIFA world cup:

Media minute: Founded in 2011, Media minute is a company that allows the fans to create, publish, and share sports content. People have the freedom to share multimedia content, videos, stories and pics to use it as a story and display it on the behind the scenes image of matches.

PlaySight: The company was founded in 2010 and helps footballers to record and analyze matches by installing high-end video cameras on the field. The sensors are responsible for collecting insights of an individual player.

Pixellot’s: Founded in 2013, the company’s technology assists the cameras to operate remotely on the live streaming broadcast. The system is also able to create wrap-ups of prominent events and personal clips of players in a match.