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Taking the pain out of payroll...


Taking the pain out of payroll

Taking the pain out of payroll
The Silicon Review
12 June, 2018

How am I supposed to complete my payroll for a thousand over employees in just one month?! Using only excel to calculate? What is with all the constant changes to the HR legislations, it is so difficult to keep up with all of the changes! Can't we just automate some of these manual payroll processes? With our past experiences in payroll within the Human Resources (HR) department, we hear these laments about payroll far too often.

Payroll Woes

With the mushrooming of startups and SMEs in the business world today, we at Gpayroll are constantly striving to learn about the payroll woes of these small companies. As outsourcing payroll is typically outside their budget means, most of these small companies instead buy licensed software. However, some of these payroll software platforms might prove difficult to use and navigate. Very often, these business owners lack the essential payroll knowledge and yet, paying employees accurately and on time is key to the success of the business. Many of these SMEs also raise the issue and hassle of having to update their payroll software to keep up with the ever-changing payroll legislations put in place by the government.

How Gpayroll Steps In

At Gpayroll, we believe that the first key step is to automate the payroll processes, effectively eliminating the manual calculations and mountains of paperwork. Given that we understand the budget constraints of our clients' businesses, we aim to provide clients with an exceptional online payroll software at an affordable cost. This means that our clients do not need to worry about a hefty price tag that comes with our efficient payroll software, allowing them to focus on their business expansion plans.

A Dedicated Team

We believe in going the extra mile to help our clients and providing exceptional service. There is a strong sense of dependency on each team member as all of us hold an important role in contributing to serving our clients and the success of Gpayroll. Despite being in a relatively infant stage, we have established a significant network of customer base through our steadfast belief in a strong customer-centric environment.

As some of us in the team puts it, "Having faith that our services and products will definitely benefit the SMEs market will spur us to reach out to a large group of SMEs regionally." It is with this mindset that allowed us to expand beyond the local border and into other Asia-Pacific regions such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand just to name a few.

Fast-forwarding Payroll Services

We want our clients' business to be more efficient and to relieve them of the HR burden, more specifically payroll.  Given our regional expansion, this would mean that our next steps would involve keeping abreast of the latest technology when developing our products. While this may prove challenging, it is definitely an opportunity for us to reach out to more clients to relieve them of that manual payroll headache.

Our software is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Macau. For more information, visit www.gpayroll.com.