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U.S. Government shows concerns...


U.S. Government shows concerns over Google’s partnership with Huawei

U.S. Government shows concerns over Google’s partnership with Huawei
The Silicon Review
21 June, 2018

The intensity of rejection goes on for the Chinese brand Huawei. First Australia had issues and now the U.S. government has second thoughts on Google’s partnership with Huawei. As a result, the government sent a letter to the CEO of Google, Sunder Pichai expressing their views on this matter. The letter stated the problems that the government might face in the future with regards to the security and about Google’s recent refusal to renew a research partnership called “project Maven”.

This project is a research involving artificial intelligence for the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. government is disappointed because Google has decided to end the long traditional collaboration between the military and tech companies. The government’s letter also added that they were unhappy with the fact that Google being a U.S based company is agreeing to tie up with the Chinese.

AT&T and Verizon stopped the sales of Huawei phones because of the pressure from the government.  The government of the US is taking certain measures in the US telecommunications network. It won’t be possible if Google partners with Huawei because the government feels that Huawei itself is a threat. Although, Google is yet to respond to the letter it did justify its reason for the partnership. Google has many agreements with various OEMs across the globe and Huawei is one among them. All that Google offers certain tech and not its data or any private and confidential information.