Catalent Signs Agreement to Take Over Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc

    Catalent Signs Agreement to Take Over Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc
The Siliconreview
11 July, 2018

Catalent, Inc, on Monday, signs an agreement to acquire Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. along with its UK-based center in Nottingham. Catalent wrapped up the deal for $ 11.50 per share in cash.

“Juniper’s proven solutions and capabilities will further support Catalent’s strategic goal to be the most comprehensive partner for pharmaceutical innovators,” said Jonathan Arnold, President of Catalent Oral Drug Delivery.

With the acquisition, Catalent will boost its offerings in the field of formulation development, bioavailability, and robot manufacturing and will balance its amalgamated global clinical and business supply units.

In its Nottingham centre, Juniper accommodates around 150 workers which are specialized in the field of formulation development. Hence, it’s an added advantage to the company for having a team of skilled workers, as they are responsible for redefining the old profile.

The old profile includes sophisticated transmission, articulation, formulation, critical, and pharmacology improvement solutions, including augmentation of integrated development, reasonable, and technical manufacturing.

Catalent deals with technology and development solutions for medicines and consumer health goods across the world. It has branches over several countries which include the UK, the USA and several parts of Asia and Europe.

“Juniper’s scientific expertise in early-phase product development and supply will help our customers to unlock the full potential of their molecules and provide better and faster treatments to patients,” said Mr. Arnold.