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Databases and Drones to Meet F...


Databases and Drones to Meet For an Aggressive Wildfire Season

Databases and Drones to Meet For an Aggressive Wildfire Season
The Silicon Review
10 July, 2018

 It is observed that whenever one is in the woods, it is hard to figure out the exact location one is in. According to Ben Miller, the director of the Colorado Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting says the time has come to develop new tech to combat the wildfire aggression, provide safety for the ones that need to away from the wildfire and utilize the latest tech in the process.

Presently this tech involves drones that are part of the Colorado flight system and the project is named Android Team Awareness KIT (ATAK). This is a mobile platform that was developed by the Pentagon. In order to help the US troops in tracking an individual’s location while in a combat environment. Previously this technology was based on NASA maps but now is converted to civilian uses as well.

The Colorado event of Miller’s beta test will optimize the drones to attain footage of an active fire and later sent through apps to these fire-fighters on the ground.  Helping them understand the entire structure and maneuver according to the details provided. Miller also said that many use various other phones that support iOS and Windows. Hence, the team is yet to make apps compatible in these platforms. Soon we may say that happen as well. By optimizing the drone technology to get precise information and using a “Share Database wildfire may be controlled and now professionals like Miller can operate better to keep everyone and everything safe.