Taking on a new Challenge: Chris Jones Moving from Microsoft to Amperity

Taking on a new Challenge: Chris Jones Moving from Microsoft to Amperity
The Siliconreview
14 August, 2018

Chris Jones was an ex Microsoft executive, who was part of the firm for over 27 years. He gained his knowledge in Stanford University by obtaining a BS in Mathematical and Computational Sciences degree. As soon as he completed his education, he quickly made a decision to join Microsoft and the choice he made in 1991 was the best decision of his life. As the company grew, he also grew in terms of experience and he evolved as one of the big players in the Microsoft. But he left the company for a new role in a Seattle-based start-up called Amperity.  Chris’s last day at Microsoft was on May 31, 2018, and began his new venture in his new company the next month. Chris had played numerous roles in Microsoft his last one being as Director of HealthCare NExT. HealthCare NExT is an incubator in Microsoft's AI division research division. This entity completely focuses on working to enhance healthcare via Artificial Intelligence. He was given that post from October 2015 and till he resigned this year.

There was a period in 2003 when Chris was considered as one of the "Baby Bills" – executives. This group of talented individuals was considered the next generation of rising stars at the company or in other words “The Next Gen-Heroes”

His skill set and experience

He is a leader in development with experience in consumer software, enterprise software, packaged server products, and cloud products. Chris has always demonstrated his capability to lead product lines, individual products, and deliver business results for better productivity. He has also guided most of his colleagues in leading products, transition phases, and latest tech implementation. 

Chris has been in the industry for over 25+ years. He has stood tall by delivering products to the market that includes large-scale services. Chris also had his hands on enterprise software and services such as SharePoint and OneDrive. He was part of client software operations in Windows and Internet Explorer that is used by millions of customers. His knowledge even scales in platforms like Microsoft’s apps, services, and devices that gave him his fame.

With 10+ years managing large-scale engineering teams, large-scale product/program management teams, and also recently with small-scale incubation, the man is now one of the top players in the industry. He has led teams through signification change including his own shift from market entry as a newbie to a market leader. He was involved in the growth of new products like OneDrive in the past as well. Also, he was part of the merger of consumer/enterprise teams that is OneDrive/SharePoint. He also previously led the engineering team for Windows Live software and services and was the vice president in the Windows division. All in all, he was a great asset to Microsoft and really played his part all these years. It is evident that he will be one of Amperity’s biggest guide to success.