From steel to mining, energy, and banking, Sanjeev Gupta continues to blaze a trail

From steel to mining, energy, and banking, Sanjeev Gupta continues to blaze a trail
The Siliconreview
05 September, 2018

Sanjeev Gupta is an Indian-born British business tycoon and industrialist who is the founder of Liberty House Group, an industrial holding company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Being born to a prominent business family in Punjab, India, Sanjeev was exposed to the world of business from an early age. He was enrolled at a boarding school in the United Kingdom at a young age and spent his late teens selling bicycles in Turkey for his father.

Gupta founded the Liberty House Group while still in college. The business initially involved trading a variety of domestic goods, but later on diversified to rice, sugar, steel and other products. His business was generating a considerable profit even during his college days and Sanjeev, encouraged by his initial success, wasted no time in expanding the portfolio of his business and taking bolder risks. After his company bought a steel plant in Africa, there was no turning back for the ambitious industrialist. Barely a year after its entry into Africa, Liberty House Group was making forays into the Asian market, establishing a regional headquarters in Singapore and a unit in Hong Kong.

Gupta and his company were largely an unknown player on the global stage. But that was to change when he acquired the sinking Mir Steel UK, in south Wales and saved it from being shut down. A couple of years later, he would go on to acquire another company in the UK, saving hundreds of jobs on the process. He received significant media attention for his business in the UK. What followed was the acquisition of two more steel plants in Scotland, which Gupta again saved from permanent closure. He optimized steel production by using an innovative strategy which he called Greensteel. He is widely credited to have saved the steel industry in the United Kingdom.

In recognition of his contributions to the British steel industry, BBC released a fifty-minute documentary titled “Man of Steel: Sanjeev Gupta”, which chronicled Gupta’s business journey in the UK. This propelled him to celebrity status within the global industrial community, making him a force to reckon with. But he would not stay contented with just steel mills. With a growing ambition to diversify his company’s portfolio, he purchased the Tungsten Bank, followed by a subsidiary of the Nigeria based Diamond Bank. Aiming to enhance his global footprint, he would go on to buy the Australian Arrium steel and mining business and integrate it into his Greensteel strategy.

Sanjeev Gupta also launched a charitable foundation to help bolster education, skills development, and healthcare. In recognition of his achievements as a businessman, Gupta was awarded CEO of the year at the Platts Global Metals Awards and “Business Leader of the Year” at the British Asian Achievers Awards.

Sanjeev Gupta embodies the true spirit of business and entrepreneurship with his commitment to excellence.