NASA Discover Two New Planet inside the Solar System

NASA Discover Two New Planet inside the Solar System
The Siliconreview
21 September, 2018

NASA’s orbital telescope has found two distant planets this week. The satellite was launched into the space five months earlier from Florida.

Dubbed as TESS (transiting exoplanet survey satellite), the orbital telescope has discovered two planets “super-earth and “hot earth” that are 49-light years away. Apart from it, the satellite is on a two year mission worth $337M. It will help astronomers to expand their catalogue, exoplanet, worlds circling distant stars.

Both the discovered planet are extremely hot and eventually life out there would be impossible. According to TESS, there are possibilities of finding more planets.

There was a similar telescope called Kepler space telescope and now TESS is created to build on the work of Kepler. During the past 20 years, Kepler discovered the bulk of some 3,700 exoplanets and is running out of fuel.

TESS is equipped with 4 special cameras. The cameras find periodic dips by using a detection method called transit photometry. The dips can be found in the visible light of stars caused by planets passing, or transiting, in front of them.

There are lot of hope on TESS, the scientists expect the telescope to catalogue at least 100 more rocky exoplanets for further study. The scientists believe that rocky surfaces and oceans are the best candidates for life to evolve. If all the required parameter matches than there is a possibility of life.