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Apple Lost another Legal Battle, and This Time against an Italian Company Called “Steve Jobs”

siliconreview Apple Lost another Legal Battle, and This Time against an Italian Company Called “Steve Jobs”

Finally, after years of legal battles, brothers, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have successfully managed to win a legal battle against Apple earning their company the right to call by the name of Apple’s iconic founder, “Steve Jobs”.

The fight was started back in 2012 when a pair of brothers from Naples decided to start a brand of their own; the duo went hunting for an attention-grabbing name. Their research resulted in a name that wasn’t trademarked and they decided on that. The name Being “Steve Jobs”.

Apple, as expected, soon sent the brothers four large folders of legal documents and sued them over the trademark. But according to an Italian media firm, Apple has lost in court by striking the brothers over Steve Jobs’ logo — a stylized letter “J” with a bite taken out from the side and topped with an Apple-esque leaf. However, the court ruled that the letter “J” is not edible; hence the bite could not be ripping off Apple’s own logo and upheld the brother’s trademark.

Now, after winning an elongated legal battle against the tech giant, Vincenzo and Giacomo claim to now have full rights to use the name and logo worldwide and have huge plans of using the name, “Steve Jobs” on pretty much anything.

Also, they said they are looking for partnerships and are in talks for a production of electronics products. The duo is serious about potentially releasing an Android-based “Steve Jobs Phone,” but they insist they’ll keep it very classy. “We won’t do anything low-level; you will never see the phones or TV shoddy with the brand Steve Jobs”.