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Good Morning Folks, Now Brush Your Teeth with a “Smart Toothbrush”

siliconreview Good Morning Folks, Now Brush Your Teeth with a “Smart Toothbrush”

The famous dental hygiene brand, Colgate has introduced a new Smart Toothbrush, singularly to Apple stores.

The Colgate E1 is the first smart toothbrush from The Colgate-Palmolive Company and it's teaming up with Apple to sell it in Apple stores and Apple’s website.

Now, don’t scratch your head wondering why we need a Smart toothbrush. Apparently, humans have become so addicted to connected devices that we need an app for activities as ancient and procedural as brushing one’s teeth.

Apple is known for selling accessories like Bluetooth headphones, wireless chargers, health accessories and even drones at its retail store. But this is the first time it is selling smart toothbrush. 

Priced at $99, E1 comes with a Colgate Connect iOS app that aids in tracking your brushing habits, guide you in your brushing mechanism, maps your mouth and lets you play games. Considering, we want to play games with our connected toothbrush.

The shocking part is there isn’t any android app for this toothbrush and it’s exclusively for Apple. This is kind of unfair since Android users exceed far more in numbers than iOS.

Colgate isn’t the first and probably won’t be last company that will make smart toothbrushes. Kolibree is leading in making connected toothbrush and E1 uses the same technology as Kolibree’s Kolibree Ara, according to Colgate website. And both the products look virtually same and are loaded with same features except that Kolibree Ara works for Android.