Facebook and Google Team Up on Artificial Intelligence Tech

Facebook and Google Team Up on Artificial Intelligence Tech
The Siliconreview
03 October, 2018

The two giants Facebook and Google are now teaming up to enhance and improve each of their Artificial Intelligence technology. Now the two giants tagged with a bunch of Engineers are working on Facebook’s open source machine learning PyTorch framework. Google has the amazing tech and among that is its custom computer chips for machine learning, dubbed Tensor Processing Units aka TPU that will be used in Facebook’s PyTorch. Many say this is a shocker coming from these two companies because it is evident that both are rivals who would never work together. But currently, the joint tech project is something that is buzzing in the industry. The PyTorch will be connected to Cloud TPUs in order to achieve the long-term goal which is to enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of PyTorch. Also, obtaining the benefits from the scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency of the cloud these two companies are expected to do something great in the market.

The Artificial Intelligence manager from Facebook also mentioned that the engineers on Google’s Cloud TPU team are very actively collaborating with the Facebook PyTorch team to enable support for the PyTorch 1.0 models for the custom hardware.  Certainly many are expected some good news from these two companies, let us see what news comes up in the future.