Africa debut: Google Maps Intr...


Africa debut: Google Maps Introduces Bike Mode in Kenya

Africa debut: Google Maps Introduces Bike Mode in Kenya
The Silicon Review
15 October, 2018

Tech giant Google has introduced a new feature called the bike mode in its maps in the African subcontinent. The new mode will start in Kenya and it will be launched later in other countries. Now, bikers will be able to use the voice navigation system with Google’s bike mode.

In Kenya, motorbike taxis are more popular than the four-wheeler segment. The taxi service is known as boda-boda which is very cheap and convenient.

According to Google, the two-wheeler taxi service in Kenya is very convenient and affordable for transporting goods from place to place. With the help of new motorbike mode, bike riders in Kenya will be able to get directions and turn-by-turn navigation which will show the riders a better and more efficient route.

The streets in Kenyan cities are not properly signposted and get congested easily. So, the local boda-boda riders find it difficult to pick up customers when they book a ride.

Google also stated that for the first time, it started street view service in Kenya. It will help the users to explore the places virtually (9,500 km) of roads. The service is available in cities like Nairobi and Malindi.

Google has also invested 100 M shillings ($992,000) to train Kenyan farmers in mastering their digital skills.

According to Charles Murito, key manager at Google Kenya, the company is focusing on the farmers because the country’s 40 percent of the population are farmers and accounts a third of GDP.