Japan insists on Facebook to Improve Data Protection

Japan insists on Facebook to Improve Data Protection
The Siliconreview
22 October, 2018

The government of Japan informed Facebook about data protection on Monday, in order to strengthen user’s data protection. This year, due to lapses over data protection, tens of millions of people were affected worldwide.

The government insisted Facebook to effectively discuss security issues with users, increase surveillance of providers of applications on its platform, and updating the regulators about new security changes.

According to Facebook, 29 million user accounts were hacked by the attackers. In April, data of nearly 87 million users was misconducted by Cambridge Analytica, a firm based in England. By keeping an eye on all these, the government of China requested Facebook to tighten its security on user’s data.

The investigation of Cambridge Analytica was carried out by Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission along with authorities in England. The commission issued a statement to Facebook on Monday. The requested statement did not disclose any kind of administrative order or penalties and is not legally binding.

According to the Commission, in order to address the request, Facebook will provide details about it on the Japanese-language website. In Japan, around 1 lac Facebook users were affected by the Analytica incident, and it may have impacted on users in Japan.

Facebook could not be contacted for the comment.