Ather Energy: The Company Visions of Future Electric Bikes

Ather Energy: The Company Visions of Future Electric Bikes
The Siliconreview
27 November, 2018

In the present time, the Tesla Model S P100D that has the capacity to go from 0-100 in just 2.5 seconds has beaten petrol powered bikes. Yes, this model of tesla bikes is electric bikes. Ather Energy is one such company that focuses on electric vehicle manufacturing. Initially, it started in 2013 and now at the end of the year, it has two scooters that are named Ather 340 and 450.  The rest of the world has started investing its time on this new innovative move and India is nowhere behind, say many experts.

The country has really seen some new innovative movies in the past few years. It is evident that we might be seeing some amazing tech that will be part of the electronic vehicles as well. Ather, for now, has decided to take the matter into its own hands since the government shows no interest in making any sort of innovative approach. Ather has now initiated its Ather Grid that will constitute EV chargers which Ather calls ‘Point’. Eventually covering 30 spots within the city Bangalore and that will be a 4mins reach from any location. Many say that Ather scooters will beat conventional IC engines and due to the fact that these electric bikes have non-noise engines, many feel it will be a major problem solver. Only time will tell if Ather can make a difference.