Fashion Pocket' says A.I. can predict future fashion

Fashion Pocket' says A.I. can predict future fashion
The Siliconreview
08 November, 2018

RoiShigematsu – Founder & CEO of Fashion Pocket has now decided to invest his time in Artificial intelligence that can predict the future of the changing fashion trends. Certainly, there are many things that won’t change in fashion; hence by using the pattern of consumer changing views, the company uses over 25 million pictures to narrow down on future trends.

Lisa Chatterton from the London College of Fashion said “Historically it will be about the brands dictating what the fashion trends are for the next season. So the designers will be doing all of those research and they’d be going on inspiration trips. All that is now changing, it’s no longer brand-centric, its consumer-centric. Knowing the future of fashion can reduce clothing wastes. Hopefully making sure that the garments are actually produced is in line with the feeds that people are looking at and the ones that they are clicking on“.

Considering this new implementation in fashion, we might see some new changes in the fashion industry. Many companies might take up Artificial Intelligence has an alternative so that it can manufacture on those clothes that the consumer market will but. If this new innovation really works, then we surely will be saving up on manufacturing investment. Also, clothes won’t be wasted and we can develop better, so let’s see what happens in the future.