Oracle embellishes its ERP with AI features

Oracle embellishes its ERP with AI features
The Siliconreview
13 November, 2018

Oracle has unveiled brand new additions to bolster its already impressive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud. If you haven’t already guessed it, then here it is: artificial intelligence (AI). This revolutionary piece of technology is challenging the boundaries of a machine’s capability to become independent of human supervision. Artificial intelligence upgrades were definitely in the pipeline for the enterprise software giant, and now that it is finally here, observers are keen to know if it could deliver the coveted edge over its competition.

As the name indicates, ERP software helps corporations to consolidate their management efforts and optimize day-to-day operations. The new features include intelligent process automation that automates tedious tasks, enabling employees to better focus on mission-critical elements of their work. Other updates include automated audit reporting and smart payments with related processes on the back end, to allow users to simplify their work on the front end. In light of the fact that companies have to choose from certain vendors and negotiate payments, the machine learning powered system streamlines this process by forwarding recommendations. Lastly, the AI feature provides the best security provisions by cross-examining various roles against clearance levels and preventing unauthorized access.

Artificial intelligence is the technology of the future and is on track to replace humans from a wide array of roles. While it is beneficial for companies, it may not be so for the rank and file employees, whose skills will be rendered obsolete.