An AI-driven smart outlet by Currant recommends ways to save electricity

An AI-driven smart outlet by Currant recommends ways to save electricity
The Siliconreview
02 November, 2018

Currant is a startupthat designs smart home devices that reduce power consumption. The company has announced its first AI-powered product, called as the Currant Smart Outlet. It has two individually controlled outlets. As per the company’s assurance, the outlet has the highest safety standards.

The gadget works with a companion application that tracks electricity consumption in the real-time to monitor the amount of energy consumed by any device. It also helps to manage the cost. The outlets can be monitored and controlled using the app and it can be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Home Devices to enable voice control. Outlet-related rules can be set to maintain a schedule or the outlets can be used normally for a week. After the AI-driven tech observes the pattern of a user’s power consumption, it will suggest ways to manage power more efficiently.  For example, it might suggest turning off the set-top box when the T.V is not being used.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. It is very simple to use the outlet; the users need to just plug it in and connect to the app. The app will detect the outlet and automatically display the real-time information of power usage. The smart outlet is available in two versions i.e. Bluetooth and WiFi. While both allow monitoring the energy, only WiFi version is compatible with home assistants and allows controlling the outlet from anywhere. Bluetooth version costs $49.99 while WiFiversion is for $59.99.