Four rocket missions are all set for take-off today

Four rocket missions are all set for take-off today
The Siliconreview
19 Decemebr, 2018

The year has come to an end! And the space industry is all set to speed up the launch of its space vehicles in the remaining few days of 2018. Four rockets from different locations all over the globe are all set to launch on Wednesday (December 19th). In fact, most of these launches were scheduled for Tuesday, December 18th. Coincidently, due to some or the other reasons, all the launches scheduled yesterday got delayed.

Let us know in detail about the four rockets set for take-off on December 19th:

GSLV rocket launch:Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is launching one of its GSLV rockets on December 19th. The communications satellite it will carry is known as GSAT-7A.

GPS III SV01 launch:SpaceX is all set to launch its satellite called GPS III SV01. The satellite is for national security purpose for the Air Force wing in the US. The satellite was originally decided to be flown on a Delta IV rocket, designed by the United Launch Alliance. But, it was decided by the Airforce to switch it over to a Falcon 9.

Soyuz rocket launch by Arianespace: Arianespace, the world’s first commercial launch service provider is sending up a Soyuz rocket, a satellite that France uses for surveillance, national security etc.
The Delta IV Heavy launch: Delta IV Heavy, one of the most powerful vehicles designed by the United Launch Alliance is all set for take-off.