Wasabi to create a storage center in space

Wasabi to create a storage center in space
The Siliconreview
20 March, 2018

A Boston based company called Wasabi is teaming up with a Californian based company to create a link of space-based storage system called “Spacebelt”, an earth-orbiting data center that’ll be able to store thousands of terabytes of information.

Spacebelt will be targeted at big corporations who will need access to big volumes of their data almost instantly and will also need their data to be absolutely safe and secured.

“It’s super, super secure. To knock this thing out, you’d have to launch a bunch of satellite-killers.” Wasabi cofounder David Friend said.

Spacebelt will be engineered and maintained by Cloud Constellation Corp, a California based Start-up Company run by satellite and telecoms veterans. Wasabi estimates to start launching its satellites by 2019.

Cloud Constellation has signed a contract with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which is developing LauncherOne, a rocket that will be launched from underneath the wing of a Boeing 747 while in flight.

Wasabi will build Spacebelt’s ground-based data-storage vaults, which will wirelessly connect to Spacebelt’s storage network in space.

Wasabi promises to offer a speed that is six times faster than the speed of the earth-based cloud storage systems, and all this at a cost of 1/5th of the existing storage services.  According to Friend, about 1400 customers have already signed up for this service along with 4000 others who are testing the service.

When Spacebelt comes alive, it will definitively revolutionize the way how we connect, and the speed with which we connect to the internet.