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Thanks to computer sorcery- Marilyn Monroe digital double is being brought to life

siliconreview Thanks to computer sorcery- Marilyn Monroe digital double is being brought to life

More than 50 years after iconic hollywood actress  Marilyn Monroe’s  death, a  digital double will bring the star's image back to the silver screen.

Marilyn Monroe who died aged 36 in 1962 as the result of an apparent drug overdose is being brought back to life by cutting edge technology featured in the many hollywood blockbusters.

Suzie Kennedy,aged 41 who is a British lookalike model and actress, has become an 'avatar' of the starlet and is currently working on a new film where she will play the part of the troubled star in the movie.

Suzie, spent hours having her face and body scanned to produce a ‘digital double’ with 181 cameras snapping every inch of her, standing on a platform surrounded by markers which were drawn on her face, and another 60 cameras used to pick up her facial expressions, the 41 year old had more than 3,000 photos of her face and body taken, to make a digital Marilyn working with Amanda Darby, head of Pinewood 3D studio.

The project is the creation of London producer and writer Chris Ongaro. 

A bodysuit was used with a helmet and camera attached to map Suzie’s movements, the idea was to give the iconic figure a 21st century digital makeover.

Although, the Marilyn Monroe project is in its early stages, already there are plans for films with celebrities who are long dead.

Suzie, who appeared in a cameo as Marilyn in Bladerunner 2049, says- ‘’I love the bravery of using the technology to make a film like this. It will be brilliant to have her on screen again.’’

‘’There is very keen interest in Hollywood in the concept of bringing dead celebrities back to life. It’s an exciting time. Al Capone is next.’’ says Chris Ongaro.