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Essential Tech Gadgets to carr...


Essential Tech Gadgets to carry on Road Trips

Essential Tech Gadgets to carry on Road Trips
The Silicon Review
12 July, 2018

Some people take their road trips very seriously. And if you are one of them, you would completely understand the importance of having all the essentials from supplies to music to tech controls, in place. Whether you’re on an excursion by yourself or driving with a group of people, having the right tech majorly adds to the experience of your road trip. Following are the two most essential must-have tech devices in order to orchestrate a smooth road trip.

Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S Car GPS

Having a navigation system in place is most important before you start your road trip. It helps you keep track of where you are going and how you will be getting there. You don’t necessarily have to rely on a live data connection while you are free to use your smartphone for other phone functions. The Garmin GPS system displays pretty accurate directions even in areas where there is no data connectivity and you can depend on it to communicate straightforward directions even on off beaten tracks. You can connect the GPS device via Bluetooth with your phone enabling you to view the search results on it. In the initial testing, its voice control system proved to be most user-friendly and audible directions were quite precise. It focuses on displaying detailed elements of a journey like easily accessible lanes, road signs, nearby stops like gas stations and ATMs as well as varying speed limits of different freeways.

Anker SoundSync Drive Bluetooth Kit

Cars that do not support Bluetooth connectivity limit your music playing options for the road trip to an aux or a USB device at most. The SoundSync drive lets you listen to your music and make calls over your car speakers without installing a new Bluetooth enabled stereo system. It has convenient track controls that comprise three buttons that take care of various functions like play, pause, changing tracks, answering and disconnecting calls and activating Siri even. It offers quite a high audio quality and can be powered simply by connecting it to a USB port.