The FIDO Based Security Key from Google: Now Available For $50

The FIDO Based Security Key from Google: Now Available For $50
The Siliconreview
04 September, 2018

Google has plans on bringing its FIDO based security key in the previous month.  The key is said to allow users to perform 2-step verification. But will be done with some compatible devices. In the past, the key was said to work only for Google Cloud Customers but now Google wants all its customers to enjoy this new object in the form of USB.  The Titan Key designed by Google contains both the USB and Bluetooth that can be utilized to plug in key directly to the USB port of the Android Chromebook. Especially, computers that will be running Chrome Browser can also be used. The inbuilt Bluetooth will allow the user to have a wider range of compatibility with various other devices that do not have USB ports in them. Take the new iPhone and MacBook Pro as an example.

Another fascinating thing about the Google Titan Key is that it follows the same idea as YubiKeys, which is quite similar in a few ways. The user won’t require any sort of authentication like Google Authenticator since the Security Key will perform 2-step verification automatically. Hence, the future is going well for the Google market, let us see how far the company can pull its way through the market and give us more gadgets like these.