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From designing websites to creating an SEO empire:Rand Fishkin

From designing websites to creating an SEO empire:Rand Fishkin
The Silicon Review
20 Febuary, 2019

The internet has given innovators and entrepreneurs an enormous platform to get their ideas across to people all over the planet. It definitely has brought people together and made the world a smaller place. However, before Google unveiled its all-powerful search engine, searching for relevant pages on the web was difficult. It was also because of this reason that digital marketing was considerably tough. When Google based its searches on indexed web pages, everyone found out that the search results seen on the first page were the most relevant. With the online search market dominated and later consolidated by Google, advertisers scrambled to find out ways to get their products ranked highest on Google’s search engine. This race would stimulate an industry for digital marketing and made Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a must-have skill set for every online advertising team.

One man who keenly tracked the birth and eventual dominance of Google’s search engine is Rand Fishkin. A smalltime unknown businessman from Seattle, Rand designed elegant and user-friendly websites for a number of corporations belonging to a wide array of industries. He immediately knew that Google’s powerful new tool gave himself and several other companies a chance to gain better visibility and attract a significantly higher number of customers.

But that would mean acquainting himself about all the intricacies of how the new search engine worked and how it can be used to redirect traffic to certain websites. Rand Fishkin’s journey of discovery would later enable him to become one the most successful digital marketing experts in the world and the most sought after by several large corporations. He researched, experimented, visited various online forums, and left no stone unturned in his endeavor to educate himself about the nuances of page ranking, in order to help his clients get the coveted top spot on Google’s website.

Finding little to no initial success, he initially turned to independent contractors and companies and let them handle the search operation. However, the spirited entrepreneur that he was, his innate business acumen and an uncanny knack for knowing market trends led him to predict that the demand for SEO would skyrocket as more and more companies as well as individuals would use the internet. It was only a matter of time before his prediction came true and the SEO market started booming like never before. His initial research into all the various techniques had made him into a kind of authority on how to rank pages higher on search engines. He was even motivated to start a blog called SEOmoz in order to shed light on the rapidly emerging but obscure world of SEO.

His perseverance paid off and his blog took off, eventually growing to spawn an SEO empire and made Fishkin a household name in the business. He diversified his company’s offerings, launching a bunch of tools and online services that were aimed at professional search engine optimizers. His tools found extensive usage among the SEO community and soon enough, his base of clients included large corporations and prestigious brands. Rand Fishkin began his business when the internet was just taking off and managed to recognize a market and wasted no time in capitalizing on the opportunity. He is a prime example of a pioneering visionary with unbreakable resolve and a clear roadmap about how to achieve his goal.