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Hiring new candidates vs. Trai...


Hiring new candidates vs. Training your employees: what to keep in mind?

Hiring new candidates vs. Training your employees: what to keep in mind?
The Silicon Review
20 Febuary, 2019

Running a business can be a pretty hefty task most of the times as it requires a never-ending determination, a streak to learn from your mistakes and the ability to withstand losses, yes you heard it right. Building a business from scratch takes money and efforts, two things which are always in short supply. It's an ongoing affair which requires nurturing and watering similarly like a baby plant which needs extreme care.

It can start all the way from conceptualising the business than investing your energy and finances into it and then after quite some time wait for the breakeven period. Big names like Urban Ladder upon entering the online furniture market in the year 2012 have not even achieved break even until now. This shows the sheer patience and belief that a leader has to instill in their organisation.

It's the same belief that corporate leaders want to see in the employees that they hire or train. However, there have been mixed thoughts about hiring new employees or instead train existing employees to get aligned with the goals of the organisation.

Well, creating anything from ground level takes time, effort and if we talk specifically about hiring fresh talent, then one cannot ignore the continuous monetary support that is needed. Whether you have an in-house HR department or outsource your hiring processes, conducting background checks is essential. Services such as Accès Identité and Spokeo can facilitate this task by providing comprehensive background screening. These checks ensure that you hire the most qualified and trustworthy candidates for your company.

‘Hiring them Fresh’

The journey to fill the available positions with the perfect candidate matching with the roles and responsibilities takes a lot of effort, patience, money and skills. While many companies hand over these responsibilities to the in-house HR’s to cut down on the external costs whereas many organisations outsource their hiring to third party companies. Large companies that have a workforce of more than one thousand employees usually keep the hiring as an in-house process as it is quite dynamic, owing to the sheer size of employee strength.

Indeed, outsourcing the hiring process may prove to be beneficial for a lot of firms but again it is not the cheapest of them all, and it will only provide you with an employee who is sound in his/her skill but are those skills aligned with the goals of the company to move forward with a synchronized approach.

‘Training them to Lead’

Over the years, training has also seen a peripheral shift towards its evolution. Training, which was earlier conducted through the traditional classroom set-up has been brought up to the digital level. Organisations from all over the world are opening their gates to welcome the concept of e-learning in their training mechanism. Undoubtedly, training an existing employee too takes a lot of effort and money but with the help of integrating e-learning, many costs can be bought down, and it can also help in achieving efficient and promising results.

‘E-Learning is the Future’

The traditional training method if compared to e-learning still requires continuous support from physical trainers, who follows the conventional approach and teach the employees in person acknowledging their learning and mistakes accordingly. Whereas, e-learning takes rigorous research to enlighten the employees about the purpose of the training. Creating an effective E-learning program gives employees the freedom to learn the concepts repeatedly and access them from anywhere they want. It also cuts down the unnecessary stationery costs which start from taking notes and ending on the part of conducting assessments.

To follow a more cost-effective approach, firms should definitely choose a LMS with Salesforce integration service. These platforms can not only give you a number of options to select the perfect creator for your organisation’s LMS, but you can also compare these vendors on the basis of the reviews they have received and the service they have provided to their previous clients. You can also look out for paid consultations to help you select the perfect LMS software vendor who can create a software which is designed keeping in mind your specific requirements.