IBM to Expand the Portfolio of its Power-Powered Cloud

IBM to Expand the Portfolio of its Power-Powered Cloud
The Siliconreview
18 Febuary, 2019

Hardware giant, IBM intends to roll out new services based on AI and IaaS which is powered by its POWER9 CPUs.

Earlier, the company offered power CPUs for IaaS only to just one data center in Dallas, Texas. But, Last week, the company unveiled its new platform, i.e. Power9 at a conference.

The new service will be available in certain IBM Cloud data centers by this year’s spring.

As per reports, the new services will make its debut in Dallas and then in the Washington data center followed by Europe and in Asia by later this year. The company is yet to fix the perfect launch date and it will be working to release it more widely by the second half of the year.

The new launch will be welcomed by POWER systems. The company continues to make the platform more advanced. Apart from that, IBM is expanding the footprint of its PaaS service.

Now, the task ahead for is to take care of the Power users who use the legacy application. There has been very little interest expressed several third-party users towards PaaS services. Therefore, those users only have few options other than dealing with IBMs offered prices.

Apart from the new development, both the teams of IBM’s cloud and Power systems are working to establish the raw performance of POWER9-based virtual servers on Linux for ML and AI workloads. It will be done through the GPUs of Nvidia.