The man who was leading Apple...


The man who was leading Apple’s Siri is reportedly no longer in charge

The man who was leading Apple’s Siri is reportedly no longer in charge
The Silicon Review
02 Febuary, 2019

Hey Siri, play “Hey Jude”. Hey Siri,“check my calendar”

I am sure people are familiar with this famous voice assistant and its numerous uses. But apparently, the man who was the leading the Siri Program at Apple is no longer in charge according to reports by The Information.

Bill Stasior joined the company in 2012 and took over Siri. He previously worked with Amazon’s A9 retail search team. By the time Stasior joined most of the original Siri co-founders had already left Apple and he was asked to decide where would the voice assistant lead next.

However, Bill Stasior is still at Apple, but with a different role, Apple has not yet commented yet.

Siri was launched with huge acclaim but Apple’s inability to iterate the product quickly left its competitor's ample opportunity to leapfrog its capabilities. Therefore, the voice assistant has had not a great history compared to Alexa and Google Assistant success.

This past April, Apple hired Google’s John Giannandrea to lead AI and machine learning efforts at the company, a division that includes Siri and CoreML. Giannandrea is expected to be leading the search for a new leader for the Siri team, the report says.