Aircraft carrier capable version of the F-35 is now ready for service

Aircraft carrier capable version of the F-35 is now ready for service
The Siliconreview
01 March, 2019

The United States Navy has just accepted what could probably be one of the most advanced fighter planes ever to be fielded. The navy has just stated that the aircraft carrier compatible version of the formidable F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is ready for combat. Officially christened as the F-35C carrier-based catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery (CATOBAR), this frightening new addition to the arsenal of the world’s most powerful navy is sure to secure the position of the United States as the dominant military power on the globe. Furthermore, the navy is the last corps in the US military to declare the F-35 as combat ready, with the Marines and the Air Force already having accepted the brand new stealth fighter into service.

What makes this bird the most dangerous predator in the skies is its extensive stealth capabilities. Simply put, a fighter plane’s worst enemy is a highly effective radar that can track it and enable enemies to fire missiles at it. Enemy aircraft obviously pose a credible threat, especially the newest ones rolled out by Russia and China. The F-35 features stealth technology that makes it very difficult for radar and infrared sensors to pick it up, and as a result, aim and fire at it. In other words, since enemies can’t see it, they can’t shoot at it.

Moreover, it is a fifth generation multi-role fighter jet which can carry a wide array of the most advanced weapons on board to engage targets in air, land, and sea. Furthermore, it has vertical lift-off and landing capabilities, meaning that it can land and take-off from anywhere. The United States navy intends to replace its existing fleet of F/A-18 Hornets with the F-35s.