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How To Stay Productive While Working Remotely

How To Stay Productive While Working Remotely
The Silicon Review
16 April, 2019

If you are having a hard time staying productive while working remotely, below are a few simple ways to change the way you view working from home or on the road.

  • Create a schedule you can stick to

Whether you are a morning person or not,it’s important to establish a schedule that works best for you if you are not working in a traditional office setting. Figure out when during the day you are most productive and cater your work hours around that time so that you can get the most out of your day. Part of the convenience of working remotely with data rooms is having a flexible schedule, however sometimes it is necessary to work hours that overlap with your team, which is why finding a schedule that you can stick to is vital for efficiency and communication.

  • Maintain constant and open communication with your colleagues

If you are part of a team that is stationed at a specific office and instead work remotely, then it is important to stay in as much communication with them as possible in order to maintain cohesive processes. Be sure to use all the necessary tools when you are on the road to contact any team members you might need to speak to, such as Skype for face-to-face communication or email for daily conversations, and store all your confidential company information in one secure virtual data room to ensure your cyber security.

  • Plan ahead

An easy way to stay on top of all your daily tasks when working remotely is by planning far enough in advance so that you never have the opportunity to forget important dates. This is especially necessary when working on projects with specific deadlines that require your undivided attention. Whether you use a physical or a digital calendar, be sure to write down every deadline and task so that you remain aware even during the busiest schedules.

  • Have a designated spot to work from

It’s easy to forgo a designated work area when you are remote, but creating a space that promotes productivity is vital. Your designated work area should function as a space where your work is contained and impenetrable to outside distractions while you are on the clock. This is tricky when working from home because your bed can soon become your office and that doesn’t help your personal or professional life. Set up a small desk somewhere that is easily separated from the rest of your home and make it isolated enough so that others know you mean business when you’re sat there. 


  • Remove distractions during work periods

Keeping your devices close at hand is typically required when you work remotely in order to stay in communication with your team or your clients, but sometimes they only serve as a distraction. If you don’t need your smartphone or internet access while you work, consider removing them while you are on the clock so that you can stay productive without the incessant need to check social media or answer every email that enters your inbox.

  • Design the ideal work environment

Once you’ve found the perfect space, either in your home or while you’re on the road, to set up your work area, be sure to optimize it for ultimate productivity. This includes facing out of a window rather than a wall and keeping all your daily necessities close at hand so that you aren’t forced to get up from your desk more often than you need to, such as water, stationary equipment, and even hand cream for dry winter days.

  • Make others take your work routine seriously

When you work from home it is common for others to assume that you aren’t really doing work if you aren’t sat in an office between the hours of 9-5. For your productivity, it is important to make those around you understand that when you are working, you actually have to work. Even if you are sitting on your couch all day or on a train between destinations, your work schedule needs to be adhered to in order to maintain efficiency.

  • Let yourself take time off

Don’t forgo regular breaks or vacation time simply because you work from home or are constantly travelling for your job. It is important to allow yourself to clear your mind and take a step back from a busy schedule to re-energize for the weeks and months ahead.

  • Dress for the job, even if you’re at home

Even if you work from home and don’t plan on seeing anyone throughout the day, getting dressed in the morning as if you were going into a traditional office will enhance your focus and productivity. It will help to separate work from home and make it easier to hop on a quick Skype call with your team if necessary without the hassle of getting changed half way through the day.