IBM to Launch an AI-Powered IoT Solution exclusively for Civil Infrastructure

IBM to Launch an AI-Powered IoT Solution exclusively for Civil Infrastructure
The Siliconreview
25 April, 2019

IBM plans to introduce an AI-powered solution for its clients. To carry out the new development, the world’s largest IT Company will ink a deal with Sund & Bælt, a company which operates the world’s largest infrastructures. Sund & Bælt will help IBM to develop the solution. The solution will help to extend the lifespan of aging tunnels, highways, bridges, and railways.

Dubbed as IBM Maximo, the solution is exclusively for civil infrastructure. Organizations will rip benefits such as industry and task-specific functionality from the solution. The solution will assist organizations to take care of their infrastructure assets.

The solution combines various sources of data including maintenance and design information, near real-time IoT data collected from the sensors installed on structures, wearable’s from workers, drones and stationary cameras and weather information from the company’s parent unit, The Weather Company.

After that, the data will help the clients to recognize and measure the impact of damage such as rust, corrosion, and cracks, etc which would be present on the infrastructures. The organization can endeavor to map, model, and monitor each structure by deploying prescriptive and predictive maintenance techniques using the solution coupled with IBM Research’s AI visual recognition tools.

A quick assessment check can be carried out by the organization after completing the whole process of monitoring. The assessment will prioritize maintenance decisions that target serious repair and solve regulatory obligations by handling compliance issues.

The new solution will make IBM’s Maximo portfolio stronger.